GIMP FREE Workshop

gimp-logo-png-4 FREE User-friendly Graphica Image Manipulation Program (Similar to Adobe PhotoShop)
for Visual Communication and Visual Art (Photography) Learners
(Download and install GIMP 2.10
Powerful tools to create computer illustrations or visual communication designs.


Workshop 1: GIMP Introduction (Click…)
Workshop 2: Basic Tools and Steps (Click…)
  • How to setup and prepare your workspace / screen / canvas
  • How to use the Toolbox to manipulate images
  • How to work with Layers to create neat and professional illustrations / compositions
WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?            /// Skills for Life ! ///
  • How to create effective Visual Communication material
  • How to work quick and productive
  • How to create cost effective digital marketing material
  • How to sell and promote your  ideas, products and services
(Currently only in Afrikaans – English translations to be published soon)

MORE Workshops: (Dates: TBA)  

  • Workshop 3:  How to use the Toolbox to edit or manipulate images (move, scale, cut, paint, crop, draw, color, shade, rotate, flip,…
  • Workshop 4:  Hands-on project: Create a Poster step-by-step (Apply all skills learned in previous 3 workshops)
  • Workshop 5: Advanced skills: Special effect (filters, gradients, color etc.)
  • Workshop 6: Prepare work for printing (Save print-files)
Design in a Business Context

Business Advert created with GIMP 2.10


Business application :

  • Social media promotions
  • Newspaper adverts
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