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It makes use of renewable, low impact materials.
The materials come from local, sustainable managed sources that are completely biodegradable when no longer in use.



The designs are energy efficient in that they use manufacturing processes and produce products which make use of less energy.


It makes use of non-toxic material that contributes positively to the health of people.
Sustainable designs reconnect people back to the natural environment through the use of local, natural materials that are non-toxic and can be recycled.
Makes use of as much locally available material as possible.


volhoubaar-1 volhoubaar-2


Design volhoubaar-12products should be longer-lasting and better-functioning.




The emphasis is on communal use rather than private use of a product, for example car-sharing.

Bio-mimicry becomes part of the industrial production of products, (industrial systems are redesigned along biological lines) to enable the constant reuse of materials in continuous closed cycles.


Designers only use sustainable renewable resources such as low impact, on-toxic or recycled material that require the least amount of energy to process.
The production of quality products with a longer lifespan.

volhoubaar-5Products are designed so that they can be recycled at the end of their lifespan.



VIDEO: MIELIE – South African Crafts Group (Founder: Adri Shutz)

MIELIE Designs


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