MIELIE  was founded by  Adri Schutz.

The Mielie handbag is one example of their product designs.
The handbag is made by using strips of recycled material.
Bright colors e.g. red,yellow etc. are used and the material used, is knotted cotton fabric.
The ‘Block stool’ is another product designed by MIELIE. It is a cubic stuffed cushions made from strips of material that’s knotted
The ottoman designs  are bright in  color e.g. red and green.
Designs are influenced by people around her and their stylized faces image are used on stool panels.

Adri Scutz’s intention is to create uniquely (South African) fashion and fu


rniture products by using traditional knotting methods as well as recycled materials.

She encourages as much handwork as possible, helping the social environment by creating jobs.
The designers use recycled products e.g. old clothing which are turned into handbags – whenever possible.
A characteristic style of the designs is the use of bright color and fabric – unusual in combinations, e.g. lime green and purple.
The material strips are knotted to create the textiles or products.
Method of working:
Strips ofbright colored material hooked through hessian cloth and a loop and knot made at the back.
Handbag handles are out sourced, creating other job opportunities or business ventures.
Naam van die ontwerper / ateljee/agentskap:
(1 punt)
Mielie Design (ontwerp deur Adri Schutz)
Ontwerp / produk:
(1 punt)
Voorbeeld 1: Mielie-handsak
van die ontwerp / produk (2 punte)
Die handsak is gemaak van repe herwinde materiaal
Helderkleurig, bv. rooi, geel, ens.
Geknoopte katoen
Naam van die ontwerp / produk
(1 punt)
Voorbeeld 2: Kubisvormige opgest
opte kussings – ‘blokstoel’
van die ontwerp / produk (2 punte)
Die ottoman gemaak van repe materiaal wat geknoop is
Gemaak van helderkleurige (bv.
rooi en groen, ens.)
Geknoopte katoen
Beeld haar plaaslike omgewing uit.

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