TERM 1 Activities

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ART & DESIGN is a way of finding beauty in the world and adding a sense of joy to our lives ”

Attention: Design / Visual Art / Creative Arts EDUCATORS & LEARNERS


new ON-LINE Interactive Activities for Gr 10 – 12 DESIGN learners and educators have been published onto www.design-ontwerp.co.za


Activities are related to TERM 1 subject content for Gr 10 – 12 DESIGN learners.

Some content and activities are also relevant to Visual Arts and Creative Arts learners.


DEMO: Please click on the link below to access Online E-learning Activities.

Direct Link: TERM-1 Interactive Activities (DEMO)
Your temporary DEMO Password is: Design2018


LEARNER ACCESS: (DEMO Password: Design2018)

You are welcome to invite your learners to participate and access the activities via their tablets, smart phones or computers from home. Learners can access the weekly Online ACTIVITIES from the link on www.design-ontwerp.co.za Home Page.


Should you be interested to be notified of new content and resources, please complete the information under SUBSCRIPTIONS, on the left side menu of www.design-ontwerp.co.za home page.

A notification e-mail will be sent to you when NEW Activities and content are published.

Activities and content are grouped per grade and per term.

CAPS guidelines are followed, to select content and topics, relevant to the current syllabus.


FULL ACCESS TO ALL CONTENT: (Visual lessons, Summaries, Videos, Slides, Games, Flip cards, Revision exercises etc.)

You can click on “How to Subscribe…” on the ACTIVITIES MAIN MENU, to learn more about how to subscribe to all content and activities.

A minimal fee (once-off annual subscription) gives all Design / Visual Art / Creative Arts learners access to all content.



You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking on the link at the bottom of e-mails, if you are no longer interested in emails from DESIGN / ONTWERP


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ART & DESIGN is a way of finding beauty in the
world and adding a sense of joy to our lives ”

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